Custom Color Change Wrap

Custom Vehicle Wraps


Remember; you chose the color and finish!
We offer all major brands, with hundreds of colors in matte, satin, gloss, brushed, carbon fiber and chrome finish!

Scroll down to see some of the colors we offer.

base car

Let's start with your "simple" car (leased or owned)

headlight and taillight tint

Want more aggressive look? Get your headlights, tail lights or fog lights tinted. We carry dark grey , light grey, red and yellow tints.

(typical price $140-$240)

chrome delete custom wrap

We can add some style to your car by wrapping all the chrome trims.

(typical price $240-$800)

roof wrap

Give it a luxury look. Wrapping the roof in gloss black will make your car look like it has a full glass roof. It is a very popular option. We can also wrap the hood and trunk.

(typical price $320-$580)

custom stripe wrap

Get your custom stripes done at Star Car Wraps! Everything custom tailored to your car and vision. No pre-cut cheap ebay kits. No cheap calendered vinyl! Bumper to bumper stripes, hood to trunk stripes, side stripes, side stripes with extra logo or any text you like.

(typical price $220-$800)

full accent custom wrap

Want to stand out but keep it clean? Let's wrap up all the accents. Chrome delete, headlight and tail light tint, roof wrap, side mirror wrap, spoiler wrap, logo or badge delete, door handle wrap, scoop wrap, etc.

(typical price $600-$1200)

color change custom wrap

Tired of the color of your car? Want something that your car's manufacturer did not offer? It's time to stand out from the boring colors!

Chose a color and finish from manufacturers like 3M, Avery, Oracal, Arlon or Apa and we can totally change the color of your car in a couple days. Door jamb wraps are extra!

(typical price $2200-$4000)

(textured and chrome finishes have higher prices. contact us for a free quote.)

color change with accents custom wrap

Are you upset that you didn't get a trophy at the last car show? Feel the itch for some Instagram fame?

Are you a hardcore car enthusiast? Get everything wrapped, get the style, be wise, get recognized!

Full color wrap, chrome delete, badge delete, headlight and tail light tint, accent wraps or stripes.


(Prices are based on each car's shape and color. Not square footage.)