Commercial Wraps

Commercial Advertising Wraps

*We only use high quality cast vinyl from 3M and Avery. This ensures the brightest,popping colors, no bubbles or wrinkles,no shrinkage, superb gloss finish and easier removal to keep the costs down.

3m and avery

Standard Lettering / cut-vinyl with Logo

Classic and the most affordable signage.
Coverage can vary from "easy to read" simple to "everything listed" ridiculous.

We recommend simple.

(typical price $200-$600)

Window Wrap aka. "Blind" wrap

window blind vehicle wrap coverage
All "blind" windows can be covered up with printed cast vinyl. Side windows and back.

If you have glass windows we can also use perforated 1 way view-thru vinyl.

This allows you to see out but your costumers will see the printed graphics from the outside.

(typical price $400-$800)

Partial Wrap (50% coverage)

partial half vehicle wrap coverage

As the name states, we cover half of the vehicle. On the exposed area we can add logos or lettering.

(typical price $1000-$1500)

Partial Wrap (3/4 wrap)

partial door back vehicle wrap coverage

We cover everything from the front doors back. We can also put a big logo on the hood.

(typical price $1500-$2000)

Typical Full wrap

full vehicle wrap coverage

All painted surface are wrapped except the roof. 99% of the customers don't need the roof wrap for various reasons.

This coverage will give you the biggest impact. Stand out. Be seen. Get recognized.

(typical price $1800-$2600)

Full wrap with roof

full with roof vehicle wrap coverage

Some customers just hate to see the white roof or they might have a lot of jobs around high-riser buildings. This wrap is perfect for them.

(typical price $2200-$3000)

*Prices may vary. Vehicles come in different shapes and sizes. Prices Include basic design time but it might change depending on the complexity of the design.